carbon dioxide at 100mm scale
carbon dioxide at 100mm scale
If we scale our total atmosphere at 100mm high (graphic on the left)
then the total CO2 in it is 0.0566mm high - quite invisible!

(total atmosphere is 5,300,000 Gt, total CO2 is 3,000 Gt)

(Gt: a gigaton is one million million kilograms; 1,000,000,000,000 kg)

so let’s increase the scale by a factor of 10, scroll down please . . . .
carbon dioxide at 1000mm scale
The scale now is 10 times bigger than the previous one:

1,000mm in height

now scroll down for a bit . . . .

quite a bit in fact!

carbon dioxide at 100mm scale
Welcome to the bit that all the fuss is about . . .

Now, total atmosphere = 1000mm, total CO2 = 0.566mm.
This can still barely be shown at this scale, but it is visible.
Man-made emissions are still not visible though.

To see the proportion of the 4% of man-made emissions a little better, we need to blow up the scale by a further factor of 10.

So now, total CO2 is 5.66mm high (red) and man-made
emissions are 0.226mm high (yellow). This equates to 0.00226% by mass of the total atmosphere, almost invisible!
Can anybody explain to me how such an insignificant quantity of a gaseous substance can possible heat up the entire column of air . . . by re-radiation? When air does not react to radiation in the first place - check your microwave oven for proof of that. The air inside is heated off the food, not the microwaves. Just like the real world!

Additional graphics to illustrate the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.
Exact quantities from fossil fuel sources vary, but the scale remains relevant to the reality.
carbon dioxide levels to scale

carbon dioxide levels to scale
All arguments are more than welcome, especially ACTUAL PROOF!
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