global warming hysteria
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global warming hysteria

global warming hysteria
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global warming hysteria
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Greetings and Salutations,

RE: Catastrophic Climate Change - Anthropogenic (Human-Driven) or Natural?

After reading this email, please pass the information to as many fellow politicians and policymakers as possible.
You are hereby requested to consider if the actual evidence that has been presented to you by your scientific advisors as proof positive over the emissions of carbon dioxide in their totality, and the human proportion of those emissions specifically, will stand up to scientific scrutiny.

It is the opinion of over 30,000 scientists from all disciplines and from all over the world, that such evidence will not be conclusive and that there is in fact not one scientifically verifiable fact that can be presented as proof positive of the role that carbon dioxide plays in determining or affecting the climate in any way.

Below is proof positive of the non-role that the totality of carbon dioxide emissions play in determining the temperatures of our planet.

Despite a continuous increase in the total amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere - driven almost exclusively by the oceans that cover some 70% of our planet - our precious planet has now been cooling for over a decade and is more than likely to continue on that trend.

Such an ongoing downward trend is caused by solar and orbital variations and has nothing to do with either the total amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere or the less than 4% of the total emissions of carbon dioxide coming from human developments (as per UN IPCC figures).

global warming hysteria
Graph courtesy of Norm Kalmanovitch, Geo Physicist, and based on data from HadCRUT3 monthly data up to March 2012 as downloaded from

How much more cooling do you need to see before you realise what is happening in the real world?

The earth emits as much infrared heat as it receives from the sun; there is no magical atmospheric effect that makes the earth warmer than it would otherwise be.

Only by treating the earth as a flat disc in computer models is there a need for atmospheric magic to make the numbers add up.

In real life, the sun shines on half the earth and when that simple fact is taken into account, no atmospheric magic is needed to make the numbers add up.

Also in real life, any and all gases that make up our atmosphere help to distribute solar energy, and thus cool, our planet. Without such gases the sun-facing side of our earth would become unbearably hot and the dark-side of our earth would be unbearably cold.

global warming hysteria The real tragedy is that the global warming community have showed no signs of changing their ways and entering into multidisciplinary discussions in a field where they have neither knowledge nor experience. Do they not realise that they have antagonised those of us in the engineering and applied sciences to the extent that we no longer trust their motives based on their attempts to silence all those who have contrarian views, and their deliberate departures from the truth?  Professor Will Alexander, Pretoria, South Africa; 14 May 2012

global warming hysteria When the cooling started in 2002 climate change and advocacy for following the dictates of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change went from an issue of science to an issue of fraud, so it is no longer up to the scientists to disprove the AGW hypothesis as much as it is up to the lawyers to lead a class action against this fraud which has crippled the economy and caused global starvation as basic food staples are being used as feedstock for biofuels so the perpetrators of this fraud can increase their wealth trading carbon credits.
  Norm Kalmanovitch, 4 May 2012

The time has come to stop wasting billions of taxpayer's hard-earned money on fighting the perfectly natural phenomenon known as climate change but proclaimed to be "man-made climate change", or the even worse-named "catastrophic anthropogenic climate change", which is an impossibility, despite all the hype you have been and continue to be fed.

There is also no point in constructing one more wind turbine or installing one more solar PV panel in order to "fight climate change" or achieve "energy independence". Opposing wind turbine construction comes down to government's use of taxpayer money to support something that raises electricity prices, based on the failed hypothesis of dangerous man-made global warming.

Sea levels are not rising any faster than they have since the end of the last ice age, Arctic ice is not disappearing, polar bears are thriving, the Antarctic is not melting, some glaciers are melting whilst others are increasing - all of these pointers are driven by natural cycles over which humans have no control whatsoever.

What is a fact is that the poor are getting poorer due to increased food and energy prices, mostly caused by unsustainable practices based on the myth than human emissions of carbon dioxide are pollution and cause dangerous climatic events.

There are less tornadoes, less hurricanes these days, not more!

All of the abovementioned facts and figures can be substantiated by scientifically sound methods.

Please take time to follow these leads and read the information detailed therein:

History of Radiation.pdf
Copernicus Meets the Greenhouse Effect.pdf
ClimateDepot A-Z ClimateRealityCheck.pdf

This is my attempt to instil sanity in a Western world that has quite lost its way over a non-event, driven firstly by an incorrect interpretation of reality, followed by a false consensus idea that became self-perpetuating via Academia requesting more and more funds to "prove" the "man-made" aspect in climate change; none was ever found, none will ever be found, yet more funds are still being requested!

Available for serious face-to-face discussions with scientists, politicians and policymakers.

Kind regards,
Hans Schreuder
Ipswich, Suffolk
retired analytical chemist
climate analyst
co-author Slaying the Sky Dragon
global warming hysteria
The info on just this page is enough to stop all climate alarm, yet it continues unabated. Why?
Find some of the answers here and decide for yourself what the truth is:
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global warming hysteria